Welcome to our slackline shop!


The best way to work with the shop is to use google translator. It is far from perfect but should help you orientate what is what. If at any time you get lost or you are not sure about translation just send us email at


All prices in our online store are given in polish zloty (PLN or zł). If you would like to know prices in any other currency let us know.


For those patient enough: you can use google translate and go through automatic order process. Our system will send you confirmation email in polish at the end. Despite this we will send you another email in english asap to confirm your order and payment method.

If you are not sure about automatic ordering process just send email at with product names and quantities. We will prepare the order summary in currency you want and send you back for acceptance.


There are two main possibilities of payment:


With PayPal you can pay directly in PLN without concerning about exchange rate. You can choose it either as one of payment methods in order form or wait for us to send you Payment Request.

Traditional bank transfer in EUR (SEPA system).

If you want to pay in EUR with traditional bank transfer let us know about that. We will tell you how much EUR equals your order in PLN.

If you use Google currency exchage rate (average exchange rate) for EUR transfers, please decrease it by 2% to cover real life exchange buy-sell spread. Otherwise you can underpay the order.

Transfer data:
IBAN (for PLN): PL05 1750 0012 0000 0000 2888 0987
IBAN (for EUR): PL67 1750 0012 0000 0000 3505 3727
SWIFT: PPABPLPKXXX (Bnp Paribas Bank Polska S.A.)
NAME: Slackhouse Sp. z o.o.
ADDRESS: Czeremchy 11 91-866 Lodz, Poland
TITLE: (order id)

You can also choose other payment method like TransferWise but please make sure we get enough money for your order.



We ship all over the world.


We do our best to pack your order as soon as we receive payment (sometimes even before that 😉 ) and pass it into the shipment. The rest depends on courier company and how fast they work.


In international shipment costs heavily depend on package weight. Also destination country makes difference – even inside EU. Because of that we calculate prices individually for every order. Default shipping price in our automatic order system is 100 PLN. Depending on order size actual cost can be lower or higher.


We cooperate with courier broker providing us the cheapest transport option for international delivery. Depending of the destination we choose DPD, UPS or TNT. You will be informed about selected courier company including the parcel tracking number.

At any time with questions, problems and support mail us at

Have fun! :) SHS Crew