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banana! 3.0 SR





Lightweight and compact webbing anchor device. Small dimensions and low weight makes it perfect all-rounder. Equipped with movable captive front pin for fast and simple webbing installation with no chance of loosing the pin. Great care was taken to ensure no sharp edges remains, to avoid the risk of webbing abrasion or damage. Permanent riveting makes all elements the solid unity.
Main diverter size of 20 mm allows to retain 83 % of webbing’s original strength.

Version 3.0 SR is designed to work with 25 mm soft release webbing with WLL of 10 kN.
Banana! weblock is compatible with connectors:

  • soft release webbing 25 mm width and WLL 10 kN,
  • double steel carabiners,
  • double oval quicklinks 10 mm,
  • double delta quicklinks 10 mm.


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg



10 kN


50 kN


~83 %

Webbing Width:

24 mm – 26 mm


101 mm x 45 mm x 50 mm


262 g


Aluminium, Stainless steel

Made in


1 review for banana! 3.0 SR

  1. Chris

    I don’t think you can find a weblock with a better quality to price ratio. It’s really solid gear and it feels well in the hand. I was wondering, whether to get the version for soft release or the 3.1 and decided to go with the SR one. I’m using it always with a soft release and it’s been working great so far. The only potential drawback (not bothering me through) I found is that the pin from the SR side is non-removable, so you need to thread the SR directly through the weblock, rather than preparing SR on side and attacking it to the weblock later. It seemed a bit unintuitive at the beginning, but now I’m always leaving the soft release attached to the weblock after derigging, so whenever I go slacklining it’s ready to go.

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