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The timeless classic from Slackhouse. All round slackline webbing used by beginners and professionals from around the world. Basic yet versatile 25 mm polyester webbing mostly valued for pleasant bounce combined with low weight and high strength.

With medium stretch it is easy to tension and offers enjoyable flow. It eliminates the unwanted vibrations and allows to take most fun out of walking or while making dynamic tricks. You can easily try to surf or bounce at any section of the line.

MKV introduces improved dynamics and reduces sharpness of the edges. Also color threads different on each side has been added for easier twist detection.

Octopussy is great pick for training sessions as well as for record projects in both longlines and highlines.


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Weight N/A







30 kN


7 kN


59 g/m


24,5 mm


3 mm


4,4 % (5 kN), 7,9 % (10 kN)

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8 reviews for Octopussy

  1. Chris

    That’s my first longer webbing (I’ve got 83m piece) and I’m loving it so far! It’s not too streachy, so it’s easy to set it up in a park (so far I was able to easily set up about 40m of it without a tensioning system), but it’s also streachy enough to have a good fun. I’m also planning to test it in a highline rig, but haven’t had the opportunity yet.

  2. Megan Beers (verified owner)

    I love my 60m piece! So much fun to play on in the park, and I can’t wait to rig it on my next highline!

  3. Chasz Hodgson (verified owner)

    Incredible webbing for the price! The cheapest highline webbing on the market, yet still bomber in strength with nice dynamics. Perfect for longlines in the park since it is easy to tension but still has nice bounce. The perfect backup for a highline as well. Am hopefully going to test out my 100m piece as a 50m fold over main+backup highline soon! Love it so far.

  4. Luke Neville (verified owner)

    I got 100m of Octopussy late last year to use as my first longline in the park and I have been super happy with it so far! Its low stretch makes it easy to rig, but still not too static that it isn’t any fun to walk. I also hope to use it in my first highline rigs as we get closer to summer. I got loops on both sides and they are good quality. Definitely recommend.

  5. Noah K (verified owner)

    Impressed!! I bought 3 100m segs w sewn loops to use for backups, but after seeing and feeling the webbing I want more. Very soft and the webbing itself is beautiful. I will be getting a 200m or more for park and more 100m segs to make at least a 200m high line rig with this as mainline. Highly recommend to anyone.

  6. Adelia Lino (verified owner)

    Amazing line to use as a backup or for a long Highline. Although it has little stretch it feels soft on the feet when walking on it. Definitely recommend this old school webbing!

  7. Finn (verified owner)

    I got 100m of Octopussy and it’s great! Nice feel to walk (Stretchy but not too stretchy) and comfy enough on the feet. One of the best value lines I’ve seen, would highly recommend.

  8. will

    The webbing is super playful, low tension and high tension. It is very stable.

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