System Red 18:1





System RED is our offer for light and compact highline tensioning kit. Connected with any webbing grip, it creates small and effective instrument.

RED is based on small and highly efficient (92 %) Camp pulleys – two double and one single. Together with 3:1 multiplier they give theoretical mechanical advantage of 18 : 1.

As standard 15 m or 25 m of 9 mm Tendon Static rope in red color is provided. This allows to extend pulley system to 3 m or 5 m respectively.

Multiplier has been assembled based on Petzl Basic device. Opposite to Tibloc or prusik it can be easily attached or removed with one hand without the risk of dropping anything.

The Red system consists of:

  • 2 x Dryad Pro (Camp) double pulley,
  • 1 x Tethys Pro (Camp) single pulley,
  • 1 x Sphinx Pro (Camp) single pulley,
  • 15m or 25m rope Static 9mm Red (Tendon),
  • 1 x small rigging plate CD401 (Proverti),
  • 1 x brake GriGri 2 (Petzl),
  • 1 x rope grab Basic (Petzl),
  • 1 x Compact Lock alu oval carabiner (Camp),
  • 2 x maillon oval 7 mm (Rapide),
  • 1 x maillon oval 6 mm (Rapide),
  • 2 x shackle twist 8 mm (W/K),
  • 1 x robust mesh sack (Slackhouse).

We recommend using the Red pulley system with rope grab and only for the tensioning and detensioning of the slackline. Despite the fact all elements of the system follow PPE or industrial norms, the Red pulley system is not meant to remain as element of highline rig.


Additional information

Weight N/A



2200 g or 2700 g


26 kN


7 kN

Minimum length

75 cm

Maximum length

3 m or 5 m

Theoretical advantage

18 : 1


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