Double loop





Sewn loop is safer, lighter and cheaper alternative to standard anchoring methods such as weblocks or line-lockers. Additional backup loop provides extra protection in case of failure of the main anchor point (if attached to an independent anchor).

The stitching is made on our special CNC sewing machine with high quality nylon thread.

The line is additionally protected with a thick sleeve at the point of contact with the connector (black for the main loop and orange for the backup loop).

The main loop shortens the webbing about 20 cm.

Main loop:
Rubber Band – MBS: 23 kN | WLL: same as webbing
Rubbit – MBS: 22,4 kN | WLL: same as webbing
Octopussy – MBS: 28 kN | WLL: same as webbing
Blue Mile – MBS 28 kN | WLL: same as webbing
Levitation – MBS: 18 kN | WLL: same as webbing

Backup loop:
Rubber Band – MBS: 18 kN | WLL: 3 kN
Rubbit – MBS: 18 kN | WLL: 3 kN
Octopussy – MBS: 22 kN | WLL: 4 kN
Blue Mile – MBS: 22 kN | WLL: 4 kN
Levitation – MBS: 14 kN | WLL: 2 kN

The backup loop must not be used as main anchor point.

Our sewing service is possible on your webbing too. Most slackline webbings are supported. Remember, by default, we cut out the backup loop from original webbing.
We are unable to test sewn loop on your webbing for its MBS, but our experience and tests shows the end result MBS is at least 80 % of the current webbing MBS.


Additional information

Main loop size

7 cm

Backup loop size

10 cm

Backup loop lenght

35 cm




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