Laser Plus 15M





LASER 15M is our basic slackline kit designed especially for beginners and younger users. Simple to setup and use, allows you to quickly and safely start your adventure with slackline.

The basis of the set is a new Laser line 50 mm width and 15 meters length. Its low stretch allows you to set the line low above the ground, increasing safety, and making it easier for the first steps. At longer lengths, the line reveals a light dynamics allowing you to learn basic tricks.

The line can be hung at any length – from a few meters up to 15 meters. It is perfect for taking the first steps and as a great attraction for the youngest. Juicy orange-neon color makes the line perfectly visible and almost shines in the darkness like “orange laser” 😉

The set includes longer 150 cm Tree-shirt S+ tree pads for protecting trees from damage and the line from abrasion.

The Laser Plus model is equipped with special tensioning ratchet with an ergonomic handle for better comfort of use.

The enclosed instruction manual shows clearly how to safely mount and remove the set.

The LASER 15M kit includes:

  • Laser Line 15 meters long and 50 mm wide,
  • Ergonomic ratchet with a 2 m anchor loop,
  • Two Tree-shirt S+ (150 cm x 16 cm) tree protection in blue,
  • User manual.


Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg


Webbing width

50 mm


15 m


25 kN

Made in



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